David McDonald Role in OSI Group Achievements

David McDonald is a respected name, especially in matters concerning food production. McDonald is now the president of a leading food production company that is called OSI Food Solutions. McDonald is believed to have been born and at the same time raised in a small village found in Iowa. Just like all the young men living in the area, David was eager to start his career and venture into something that he was passionate about. The businessman left college, armed with a degree in animal science, and this was the start of a great and very successful career. McDonald got the position of chairman in a company called North American Meat Institute, and this prepared him for a great task at the prestigious OSI Group. When he joined the food company many years ago, David McDonald got the position of company project manager.

Although David joined OSI Group just like any project manager, he knew what he wanted. The dedicated businessman worked all the way to the top, and he is now holding the position of company president. Leadership comes with so many hardships, especially when it has expanded to the global market. David McDonald has done his best to serve his customers and this why he has maintained his position in the company for so long. David has changed the company in a positive way, initiating the purchase of several food plants and companies so that the company remains profitable.

When David McDonald announced that his company was going to purchase Baho Foods, people knew that this was a good decision. Baho Foods is a very respectable Dutch food company that is always famous because of the great services to the customers. David McDonald felt that purchasing the Dutch company would help to increase the popularity of OSI Group, especially in the European region. The businessman was very right. Several months down the line, the company is making a lot of progress, and all customers are happy because they are getting value for their money. Baho Foods has made the international food processing firm to acquire new customers in all parts of Europe.

In a recent interview, David says that he was motivated to venture into OSI Group after studying animal science. OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion.The businessman has used the skills he received when he was at the university to make sure that the quality meat the customers are getting is from the best animals in the world.