Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Appoints New President

Luiz Trabuco started his banking career and professional activities at Bradesco on April 17, 1969. He served as the Managing Director of Banco Bradesco S.A. back in March 1999 and after doing so well in that department he went on to many different positions throughout the bank.

A major supporter of Private Pension plans, he was the President of the National Association for Private Pension Plans from August 1994 to August 2000. This gave him reason to stress the continued commitment to pension reform. Currently his days as CEO will finally come to an end as Octavio de Lazari Junior will accept the position on March 12, 2018.

As the sitting Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco S.A. since 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is staying in his executive position until March 12, 2018. As the chairman of such a great establishment such as Banco Bradesco for the past 9 years, change inevitably happened to occur roughly one year before his ten-year anniversary as CEO. The bank will be bringing in new leadership as soon as Trabuco steps down.

Currently Banco Bradesco is undergoing a major shift, where newly announced president Octavio de Lazari Junior will be taking the reigns of leadership within the bank. Both men have a long history with the bank, however, change was needed as it was decided there will be a new CEO. Banco Bradesco closed 2017 with revenues in the amount of $76.3 billion Reals, so it’s hard to say that Banco Bradesco had a bad year. Quite the contrary, this was a rise of 6.8% compared to 2016.


Although last year saw major growth in the financial sector, there is still a transition happening between Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and Octavio de Lazari Junior. Many bankers are very optimistic of the national economy for the year 2018, as low interest rates, relatively low inflation, and GDP growth showing between 2% and 3%, it makes a tough argument for such changes to occur. Lazari does stress how they must have a better year than the years before. One thing is for sure, Lazari and Trabuco both remind us how important having good pension reform is for the overall benefit.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco touches points on how the choice of the new president took quite some time to come to a final selection. He knew that Lazari would be one of seven vice presidents, so this particular choice was weighed by the work experience that Octavio Lazari has done such an amazing job of. From his work in the late 1990’s working in the credit area to his many promotions starting in 2010, the choice was clear for Luiz Trabuco’s successor.


US Money Reserve and Advice for Inflation

The US Money Reserve is a both nationally and internally recognized for its contributions to the public. They serve people by distributing metals and currency. The company was founded in 2001, and is currently lead by former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl. His experience and knowledge of the money world has been invaluable to the US Money Reserve’s success. Clients and business partners can have high trust in him and the business practices.


History has shown over and over that fluctuations in the economy are normal. Interest rates will go up and come down, and most importantly, inflation on the dollar comes and goes. Inflation is the natural change in prices over a period of time. Its often tracked with the Consumer Price Index. An increase in inflation has severe effects on you, as the consumer. It makes your money less usable and has a domino effect across the whole economic spectrum. Retirement and interest rates are dramatically altered. It makes basic commodities less affordable. The spiral effect of less money going around and prices increasing is a disaster in the making.


However, times of inflation are not all bad. There are several things consumers can do to be prepared for any inflation issues. The experts suggest diversifying one’s portfolio. Different stocks, foreign investments, and even rare minerals are the best way to minimize the effects of inflation due how much value they can hold. Gold in particular, often provides the best return rates in tough times. Lastly, and probably the easiest, is to simply build up your own assets. Gaining knowledge and watching your spending is the most effective way to avoid issues due to just being educated about the issue.


All throughout history, despite the occasional downturns, the economy has always been going in a positive direction in the grand scheme. There will no doubt be another economic downturn at some point, and the US Money Reserve will be there to help people. Money is critical at all times regardless of value. The long standing commitment of the company and the experience of the employees will always be a major positive for the consumers. Clients and partners will be coming back well into the future.


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Boraie Development Adds 250 Apartment Units At A New Beachfront Complex

One of today’s issues facing New Jersey is replacing old housing with new housing, and one reason its important is because America’s workforce is changing and with heavy competition across the Hudson River in New York, real estate investors realize they need to invest in properties that appeal to millennials. One group that’s doing that in northeast New Jersey from Newark to Atlantic City is Boraie Development who recently begun construction on a 250-apartment unit in Atlantic City. This property is located at the beachfront and hence why it got its name as The Beach at South Inlet. The property has been applauded by other housing market experts for its amenities like a large outdoor pool and on-site gym and sauna rooms, and they say it adds to the city’s overall business diversification which they’re saying has needed to find other vehicles besides casinos.

Boraie Development is a family-owned business based in New Brunswick and is where its Chairman Sam Boraie started with his building plans. Omar Boraie has formulated most of his building strategies on his own, but he’s involved city leaders, local banks and private contractors in his plans. Boraie came to New Brunswick back in the late 1960s to pursue a doctorate in chemistry at Rutgers University, but he started changing his career direction when he saw the city. New Brunswick was in terrible shape at that time with many vacancies and crime running rampant on the streets. He realized if he didn’t do something to help the city, nobody would. Check out for more.

When Omar Boraie started buying up vacant building properties and telling city leaders he would change them into business centers, most of them just shook their heads and told him it would never work. But he wasn’t about to give up that easily, so he went to work first at a square on Albany Street that he believed could be a strategic business point. The first 8-story building renovation was completed in 1988, and the second in 2003. That Albany Street Plaza is where Boraie Development has its offices today, and many other businesses and fortune 500 companies have come there. But Boraie Development still had critics who were skeptical of their apartment property plans.

Boraie Development had bought a property on Spring Street in the early 2000s that they had planned on turning into a 21-story unit. Nobody thought they would rent out all the units any time soon, but they rented out the entire condominium within three months. They knew then that future projects like The Aspire and the Beach at South Inlet Today. They’ve built their housing units in strategic locations near bus stops and metro stations to benefit workers that come to and from New York City. Omar Boraie does take pride in succeeding when his detractors said he wouldn’t, but he also says it was Dick Sellars, the former CEO of Johnson & Johnson whose decision to stay in New Brunswick with the company encouraged him to go through with his building plans.

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Robert Ivy: Architects Of Health

Obesity is becoming a major issue in America. Many people do not, however, seem to take it seriously and continue to eat junk food every day. The next time you drive into a fast-food outlet please consider some of the following factors.
• Over 34% of Americans suffer from Obesity and 34% are reported to be overweight.
• More than 17% of American children also suffer from obesity and this figure has increased three-fold for in the last three generations.
• More than 8 million people suffer from diabetes and yet they don’t know it. Besides, statistics also indicate that 10% of all Americans have diabetes.
It is evident that some of the major contributors to America’s health crisis are as a result of lack of eating junk food and lack of exercise. Nonetheless, Architects are closely working with medical practitioners to try and find a solution. The Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has been on the forefront to integrate architecture and health in order to help come up with solutions to some of the problems facing the society.
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For instance, how can chronic diseases be tamed from an architectural point of view? One of the best ways of solving such a problem is through design. Architects play a big role in design and planning of our buildings and recreational facilities. Consequently, they can team up with the national health sector and come up with ways that can help reduce obesity. For example, architects can design houses or buildings which encourage exercise. They can make using staircases more attractive than using lifts.
Architect students are currently interested in courses which will teach them to design buildings which improve public health. The good news is that there are already institutions which are ready to offer such courses. For instance, the College of architecture at Texas Tech University this fall plans to roll out a new Master of Science course in architecture majoring in Design and Health. This is just one of the Universities that have taken up the initiative to use architecture to improve public health.
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857 with the aim of assisting architects around the country. It has its headquarters in Washington, DC and Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the institution. Robert Ivy went to for his masters of Arts degree in architecture from Tulane University. He also attended the University of South where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
The American Institute of Architects currently has over 80,000 registered members. The institution is responsible for licensing all qualified architects around the country. Apart from its headquarters in Washington DC, there are 300 other chapters nationwide.

How Fabletics Gained One Million Members

Fabletics has become a massive success by utilizing the reverse showroom model to meet customers where they are already looking to buy athletic wear – online. This is called the reverse showroom technique and Fabletics has set the bar high for building an incredibly personalized online experience for its customers.


Fabletics does this by using a fun and simple Lifestyle Quiz to engage website visitors from the moment they first visit the site. The Lifestyle Quiz is just a few questions that relate to where you work out, what types of workouts you enjoy, your taste in clothing and, of course, your sizing information. After you complete the Lifestyle Quiz you are treated to an online showroom experience that is built around your personal style and preferences. In this way, Fabletics is catering to its customers using the reverse showroom technique.


Most brands focus on the physical showroom. This related to a typical store where customers need to visit and try on the clothing. However, one in three consumers today actually checks the online price of an item, or a similar item, while they are in a store. Many consumers only go to stores to get a feel for a brand and try on clothes, while then going online to buy a similar item at a lower price point.


Fabletics was founded just a few short years ago and chose to use the reverse showroom technique to bridge the gap between the low price point customers were looking for and the fact that people rarely have time to actually go into a store. Fabletics prides itself on being extremely adept at knowing what its customer base wants in the digital age. Instead of having to shop items one at a time, Fabletics customers are treated to an entire outfit delivered to their door every month.


Fabletics has over one million members that all enjoy a monthly outfit delivered to them. The outfit is tailored to the responses they gave on the Lifestyle Quiz and are easily exchangeable if, for any reason, they aren’t found to be perfect.


When Kate Hudson founded Fabletics, she saw a vision of a new type of company. She didn’t want to have the company’s prime income come from retail locations, but wanted to push forward strongly into the digital age to meet potential customers’ demand. She stated that she would only be the face of a brand she truly believed in. She believes in Fabletics’ goal of making all women feel confident and stylish when they work out and providing athletic wear that allowed them to do so.

Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is only 32 years old but he managed over one hundred and fifty million dollars in July 2017 as chief investment officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. What may be even more impressive is his brash internet presence, especially on Twitter. Not afraid to call people out for both good and bad, he has swagger in his name-calling and brutal honesty of the observable. He became well known for calling out fraudulent companies and sometimes profiting from it. Some of these companies include China Marine Food Group, Lihua, and China-Biotics. Many times, the companies he calls out end up being subject to investigations and enforcement by various agencies.

Sahm Adrangi graduates from Yale University in 2003 with a Bachelors in Economics. After graduating, Sahm Adrangi worked for Deutsche Bank in the leveraged finance group structuring and syndicating high yield bonds and non-investment grade bank debt. From there he went to Chanin Capital Partners and Longacre Fund Management from 2005 – 2007 and 2007 – 2009. At Longacre he managed a distressed debt fund of two billion dollars.

Adrangi founded the investment management firm Kerrisdale Capital Management in April 2009 with just around one million dollars. He is known for his research on the companies he investigates. He wants to show how these companies actually operate and what their prospects are. In his years with Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi focuses on certain areas where he holds a sort of expertise: biotechnology, mining, and telecommunications.

He has a particular knack for predicting huge problems in the biotech field. When Sahm Adrangi shorts a company’s stock around the hype of a new drug, absolute failure is usually sure to follow. In at least one instance it was found that a drug was not any more effective than a placebo, another was a cancer vaccine that failed in the long run.

A Review of Jeunesse Health Products

There are many people who want to live a healthy lifestyle this year. Making goals at the start of a new year is a common way for people to get focused on their health. Some people are so busy with work and other obligations that they simply do not have time to focus on their health.

Jeunesse is a small health company. With a lot of innovative products, Jeunesse is growing quickly within the industry. Jeunesse spends a lot of time and money making the products effective. Unlike a lot of health companies, the products sold by Jeunesse actually work. Anyone who wants to improve their overall health should consider purchasing some of the products sold by Jeunesse.

Growing the Business

Jeunesse is growing rapidly within the health industry. Over the past few years, the company has started to develop new products for customers to use.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way for a person to reach their health goals. However, eating a healthy diet is not easy for the vast majority of people. As a result, taking supplements is the best way for people to get the vitamins that they need each day. This is one of the ways that Jeunesse plans to continue helping customers in the years ahead.

Direct Selling

Jeunesse has a direct selling program for customers to use. This is a great way for customers to own their own business. People who are interested in this program can purchase a lot of inventory at a reduced price. This inventory can be sold to other people for a profit. There are many people who have already had success increasing their income through this program. This is also a great way for Jeunesse to get additional marketing exposure.

Although Jeunesse is a small company, it has the potential to change the health industry in the coming years.

UTC Continues to Thrive Because of Louis Chenevert

A business legend known as Louis Chenevert successfully ran the United Technologies Corporation for many years. He was regaled as a legend during his departure party from UTC. This party was meant to honor the work he conducted during his time at United Technologies Corporation. Louis Chenevert successfully led this company even during a global recession.

The first reason that he was able to successfully lead his company was that he looked into the future to see what trends the culture had and then prepared for them to become reality. Evidence of this can be seen in United Technologies Corporation moving to be more environmentally friendly. Countries were becoming more strict on the various industries that impacted the environment and were passing stricter regulations. He knew that United Technologies Corporation had to change or else they would no longer be able to compete. Working with engineering department, he was able to decrease the water consumption by 53% and also produce 26% fewer carbon emissions.

The second reason he was able to successfully lead his company was that he led United Technologies Corporation to diversify their portfolio. As was mentioned previously, United Technologies Corporation was experiencing the impact from the largest recession known in the American economy. During this recession, the average company could not afford to hire a third party source for transport. This created deficits in United Technologies Corporation’s profits. Louis Chenevert decided to offset those deficits by purchasing other similar companies who are not affected by the recession.

Some examples of the companies that United Technologies Corporation purchased were Pratt & Whitney, which gave them valuable military contracts. Otis, which provided them the connections they needed to work on Corporation infrastructure. And the one that changed at all, Goodrich. It cost United Technologies Corporation $16.3 billion to acquire Goodrich.

The last thing that he did to help United Technologies Corporation thrive was to limit spending. Louis Chenevert discovered that one of the main expenses for United Technologies Corporation was transporting their own goods. He moved the main factory’s closer together and saved them $115 million every single year.

American Institute of Architects To Make Designs Promoting public Wellbeing

American Institute of Architects, AIA, is a professional architects’ organization in the United States. In a recent interview with SmartPlanet, the CEO, Robert Ivy is explaining more about their services as architecture professionals. The discussed is engineered on the relationship between architecture and public health.

Robert says that architectural designs have a very vital part to play in improving public health. Relating this to the history of Central Park, the recreational space in New York, the whole idea was to bring a normalcy in the city by bringing to an end the existence of substandard housing and improve public health. Though years back, buildings were just objects, in the current era and architect generation, the health factor is an essential part of as much as diverse populations are considered. Follow Robert Ivy on facebook for more updates.

Architecture has a way of increasing/ decreasing the rate of non-communicable diseases like heart diseases and diabetes in a community. Houses and cities can be designed in ways that encourage exercise, like climbing up stairs, while access to fresh air, sunlight and clean water is part of the design plan.

American Institute of Architects is also very keen on material selection as this is also another thing that can affect public health. Materials that put the public health at no risk or even enhance life are much regarded. Today, they do not only think of the public welfare but rather their well-being, where the wholesome aspect of human potential is put into consideration from physical, psychological to spiritual. Thus designs can powerfully promote the health, well-being, safety, and potential.

While competition and comparative discrimination are part of architects professional life, hackathon seems to fit in as much. Hackathon, being a more contemporary and technological phenomenon, seems to be a great way that will bring public involvement into the architectural world, for example when AIA incorporate ideas of the existing successful health apps in their designs.

As much as the plans, goals and vision for their success are defined, AIA also consider collaborations very vital in their progress. According to Robert Ivy, time seems to has run out for professionals to stay locked with their gifts and diverse talents, and teaming up with smart people is the in thing. Being able to manage a huge team of diversely skilled minds is what has and still is defining most successful architects.

With the need to make the people’s well-being, paramount, time to gain evidence, and critical effort have to chip in. View:

More About AIA

AIA was founded in 1857 by prominent architects of the time. By then it went by the name New York Society of Architects. The main goal is to promote practical perfection, professional growth and scientific perfection for its members.

The company is under the leadership of Carl Elefante, the president, William Bates, vice president and Robert Ivy the CEO among others. It has a membership of more than 90,000 architects and related professionals licensed there.


Vijay Eswaran Believes People Define The Success Of Any Business

The success of business leader Vijay Eswaran has not led to this impressive commercial leader seeking to protect the ideas and values he has used since embarking on his first business venture in the 1990s to himself.

Instead, the Malaysian business leader has spent much of the last few years seeking ways of passing on both the successes and occasional failures he has been part of as he has risen to a place among the top 50 richest people in Malaysia.

Looking to make a change in the way the business people of the world seek to extend their success, Vijay Eswaran believes the largest mistake often made is a belief in the products or services of any business being the main reason for its growth.

Instead, Eswaran has always believed the people he employs should fit into the core values and belief system he attempts to instill in every aspect of the businesses he operates across the majority of Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

Employing people who believe in the same set of ideas as the leader of any business means the individual will feel they are part of a wider community which they can aid in developing a successful business affecting the lives of people across the planet.

Vijay Eswaran has always looked to maintain control over the people employed by his companies and believes the choice of the right individuals comes from the leadership shown by any company management. In his many self-help books and motivational speaking appearances, Vijay Eswaran has looked to explain just how his skills as a business leader have developed alongside his abilities as a member of the local and international community.

The more comfortable a business leader feels around their employees the more they are likely to explore the issues of their own fear of failure which can motivate both themselves and their fellow workers within a business.

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