How Fabletics Gained One Million Members

Fabletics has become a massive success by utilizing the reverse showroom model to meet customers where they are already looking to buy athletic wear – online. This is called the reverse showroom technique and Fabletics has set the bar high for building an incredibly personalized online experience for its customers.


Fabletics does this by using a fun and simple Lifestyle Quiz to engage website visitors from the moment they first visit the site. The Lifestyle Quiz is just a few questions that relate to where you work out, what types of workouts you enjoy, your taste in clothing and, of course, your sizing information. After you complete the Lifestyle Quiz you are treated to an online showroom experience that is built around your personal style and preferences. In this way, Fabletics is catering to its customers using the reverse showroom technique.


Most brands focus on the physical showroom. This related to a typical store where customers need to visit and try on the clothing. However, one in three consumers today actually checks the online price of an item, or a similar item, while they are in a store. Many consumers only go to stores to get a feel for a brand and try on clothes, while then going online to buy a similar item at a lower price point.


Fabletics was founded just a few short years ago and chose to use the reverse showroom technique to bridge the gap between the low price point customers were looking for and the fact that people rarely have time to actually go into a store. Fabletics prides itself on being extremely adept at knowing what its customer base wants in the digital age. Instead of having to shop items one at a time, Fabletics customers are treated to an entire outfit delivered to their door every month.


Fabletics has over one million members that all enjoy a monthly outfit delivered to them. The outfit is tailored to the responses they gave on the Lifestyle Quiz and are easily exchangeable if, for any reason, they aren’t found to be perfect.


When Kate Hudson founded Fabletics, she saw a vision of a new type of company. She didn’t want to have the company’s prime income come from retail locations, but wanted to push forward strongly into the digital age to meet potential customers’ demand. She stated that she would only be the face of a brand she truly believed in. She believes in Fabletics’ goal of making all women feel confident and stylish when they work out and providing athletic wear that allowed them to do so.

Fabletics, the Crowd and Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is known by millions of people all around the world for her seemingly countless Hollywood movie roles. People love the blonde actress for her star-making turn in the 2000 classic “Almost Famous.” They also love her for her lighthearted roles in romantic comedies such as “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” The star nowadays is a lot more than a public figure who is known for strong acting skills and pure ebullience and spirit, however. That’s because she’s also being recognized for her amazing business talents. Hudson has been part of the Fabletics team for several years now. Fabletics is a wildly popular clothing brand that specializes in athleisure. Fabletics focuses on confident women who are carefree, active and committed to looking chic all at the same time. The brand is known for everything from comfortable yoga pants to joggers and more. People who want to wear exercise attire that also happens to be fashion-forward and cozy often go crazy for Fabletics’ plentiful offerings. Fabletics is an Internet subscription retailer that was created in the summer of 2013. Hudson isn’t its sole founder. Its other two founders are seasoned entrepreneurs by the names of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


Ressler and Goldenberg knew they were onto something good when they first had the idea to select Hudson to represent Fabletics to the public. Audiences all over the world are more than familiar with Hudson’s body of work. They carefully identify with her. They see themselves in her. Hudson is a mother who juggles a lot with work and social obligations. Many people all around the planet relate to who she is. That’s part of the reason Fabletics has such an enthusiastic customer base. This base is growing nonstop, too.


Fabletics is a savvy brand that understands how modern consumers think. Contemporary consumers aren’t like the consumers from decades ago. They’re well-versed in digital concepts. They know exactly how to take advantage of the power of the Internet. Fabletics is a smart company that’s 100 percent in tune with that. That’s why the brand pays careful attention to online reviews. It’s a brand that goes the extra mile to figure out how its audience members tick. It’s a brand that tries to anticipate reactions. If Fabletics pinpoints any type of problem, it reacts to it immediately. It works hard to make a positive change that can make customers happy. This is a company that knows that the crowd is king in this day and age. Consumers are deeply influenced by the behavioral patterns of others. They often don’t make purchases until they have full confidence. They get confidence by reading Internet reviews in great detail. They pay a lot of attention to commentary that’s available on social media websites for brands, too. Brands these days tend to have strong presences on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. If you want to discover all of the greatest Fabletics finds, you should compete the Lifestyle Quiz now.

Fabletics – Fashion for Your Story

In the world of retail there exists a practice known as “showrooming.” This occurs when a customer shops in-store but buys online. It is a practice that has plagued retailers for ages. E-commerce companies like Amazon benefit from the practice, but small companies and startups have difficulty competing in the fashion arena. Kate Hudson (Almost Famous) has started an athleisure company that transcends the normal model and disputes the trends. Fabletics is turning the fashion world on its ear.

Fabletics could have easily become the cliche pop-up shop, merely setting up shop for a weekend and breaking down once earnings are done, but their innovative strategy enables them to create long lasting relationships, build a reputation for dependability, and get to know the local markets much better through events and other activities. As a direct result of this, 30-50 percent of the folks that walk through the door are already members of Fabletics. We can count another 25 percent that are employees.

The secret in Fabletics’ success is in their unique approach to retail. When a customer comes into the store to shop and finds an article of clothes they like, it moves to their online shopping cart. Fabletics does not care how a client makes a purchase as long as they have great service. The goal is to deliver their clients and an outstanding experience and respond well to the needs of various regions. They track trends by the preferences of different regions. One area may have different opinions and different needs. As trends change, the customer’s narrative becomes intertwined with the newest fashion trends and Fabletics adapts. Stores are stocked based on inputs such as real-time sales action, social media sentiment, neighborhood trends, store heat-mapping info, and membership tastes.

Fabletics understands that remaining transparent in the selection Process and participating in the client’s travel are paramount to the success of their business. Data and data are both areas of the service formulation. Clients become engaged through their reports in the brand journey; Fabletics utilizes their input for continuous improvement and collates the stories. Using information means that physical stores will stock things that customers want.

Online, Fabletics personalizes the experience for each customer. You simply take a short quiz and get great handpicked fashion trends. They are shipped on the first day of the month; on top of great discounts, shipping is free! Everything is catered to your unique likes and needs.

JustFab Achieves Success Under The Leadership Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler has plans for renewing his commitment to his brand. This is why the partnership between Fabletics and Kate Hudson is going to continue. He knows that 2017 is an important year for Fabletics. There are big plans for fashionable active-wear for the fitness enthusiasts of today.

Currently, Don Ressler is serving as the CEO of JustFab along with Fabletics. Under his leadership, both of these fashion brands have managed to reach the top of the league. Under his guidance, Fabletics has managed to grow its presence within the country. In order to achieve this, a number of brick and mortar stores have been opened all across the country. Presently they are 17 in number but Don Ressler plans to take this number to 50 or even 100. This is his method to ensure that each woman is able to get access to trendy clothes which she may like to wear at Besides, he believes that women should be able to get these clothes through their shipments in the mail if she wants it that way.

Don Ressler had started Fabletics as an online brand focused on leisure clothing. Now it has moved into the space of becoming a retail store brand. It is the vision of Kate Hudson that is working here. He wants to get this brand inside as many homes as possible. Hence women should be able to shop for this brand in their local shopping mall or over the cyber space.

Another distinct feature about JustFab is the fact that it is aimed at those women who simply have no time with them for shopping. They do not have to go to any store since they would have already subscribed to the catalog of JustFab on Brandettes. This is when Don Ressler along with his team sends them options. These are sent through the mail, and they would be based on the preferences that have been already set by the customer. In this manner, all women get something which they might not pick up otherwise. Don Ressler is trying to help women in doing their shopping. This works well for JustFab, and he is going to expand it further.