Stream Energy Discusses Benefits of Unplugging to Save Money

The average household is home to many gadgets and appliances geared towards offering consumers convenience, security, and entertainment. However, the experts at Stream Energy point out that these devices can cause a serious drain on electricity and the consumer’s wallet as a result. By understanding the effects of an energy draining device, the individual can take steps towards saving money in the long run and becoming more conservative at home.

Devices that remain plugged in, such as a gaming console or a coffee maker, are constantly sapping electricity even went they are not used. Simply by unplugging these devices, the consumer will be able to save a few dollars annually. The amount of money saved does not seem like great savings immediately, but the long-term practice of conserving energy can undoubtedly benefit a consumer over the course of a year. View the Company reviews at

Bigger savings come from much more demanding devices. A digital video recorder, even when not used, is draining approximately $30 extra just by staying plugged in. The combination of all gadgets within an entertainment center adds up to over $100 annually if it remains tied to its electrical source. Stream Energy states that a savvy consumer may be able to save almost $200 each year by following an easy routine of disconnecting these phantom power drainers.

Based in the Dallas, Texas area, Stream Energy is a provider of different home services including electricity in certain markets, consumer wireless and household security. Products and services offered by Stream Energy are available throughout many different parts of the United States. A unique aspect about the company is that it includes a marketing branch known as Ignite that allows individuals to join on as associates and assist in distribution of information regarding the Stream Energy product line. Watch this video on

Stream Energy was originally founded in 2004 and began offering services as an electricity provider in the region of Texas during 2005. At the present time, the national reach of the company’s electrical services has expanded to different areas, starting with Pennsylvania in 2010 and most recently gaining a presence in Washington D.C. and New York. Stream Energy currently has over 200 employees on its team.

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American Institute of Architects: Supporting the Architecture Profession

American Institute of Architects: Supporting the Architecture Profession

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an institute, which offers government activism, education, public outreach, and community renovation to support the construction profession and improve its public appeal. The organization’s headquarters are located in Washington; D.C. AIA also collaborates with other architectural teams to coordinate building industry. Robert Ivy is the CEO and the Executive Vice President of AIA. Check more:

The organization was founded in 1857, and its main aim was to support the practical and scientific perfection and promote the standing of the occupation.

AIA has more than 90,000 associated professionals and licensed architects. All members are expected to follow the rules to convince customers, the community, and associates of an architect’s enthusiasm to the highest principles in certified practice. AIA has five levels of membership, which include:

Architect members: They are registered to practice building and construction by a certifying authority in the U.S.

Associate members: They are not registered to practice architecture but work under a supervisor. The members are holders of a degree in construction.

International associate members: They have a license from a licensing authority outside U.S.

Emeritus members: These architects have been members of AIA for fifteen years and are 65 years. These members are incapacitated and can no longer work in the architecture field.

Allied members: These are landscape architects, engineers, or planners. This membership is a partnership with the AIA and the American Architectural Foundation.

American Institute of Architects has over 200 employees who work full time. A Board of Directors governs the organization. AIA has other local and state constituents located throughout U.S., Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

AIA architects inspire government advocacy that affects the exercise of the occupation and the value of American life. AIA observes governmental and regulatory activities and uses its power of affiliation to take part in policymaking by state, government, and resident plan makers.

Robert Ivy, the CEO, and the Executive Vice President of AIA consolidate the organization through initiatives that encourage members to serve the public. He has been the CEO from 2011 and during this time, he has intensified community cognizance of the importance and value of all architects.

Before his service in AIA, Robert was the editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction. He was the chief editor of Architectural Record magazine. Additionally, the National Architecture Fraternity honored Robert for his efficiency in connecting the value of design

Bob Reina Loves A Challenge

Bob Reina is a man that has not and never will back down from a challenge. If he sees a chance to improve something, make it work in a more efficient manner, or challenge himself and his co-workers, he is going to jump at that. He has talked very openly about looking for the next big thing when it comes to tech. He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which has been around since 2007. In the decade they have been around, they have clearly made their mark on the world, which is something that means a lot to Bob Reina. Ever since they started, he wanted to do something that was going to really make a difference. Read more:

That is why he talks about looking for the next big thing. He knows the key for any company is the ability to keep challenging themselves and keep being on the lookout for what is out there and what exists. If they simply think they have it figured out and have all of the answers, they are dead wrong. There is always room for growth and room for improvement. That is not to say there is anything wrong with the product exactly, but it means that the truly great companies are ahead of the game instead of playing from behind.

Bob Reina was ahead of the game when he started Talk Fusion. He saw the way the world was going, and he knew it was up to him to do something about it. He was not just going to sit by and let it happen to people out there. He wanted to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. Now, Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. In addition to that, they are a company that is winning awards for their top-notch work in voice, data, and chat.Learn more :

People are incredibly excited to see what 2017 brings for Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has talked about the best is yet to come and people would be wise to listen to him on that.