Michael Hagele Ride To Success

Michael Hagele studied law at the University of California. He is a general counsel for a group of technology companies in the internet, aerospace, Bio technology and defense industries. He is a founder and investor of companies in the hospitality and restaurant industry. H1e has also invested in early stage technology companies.

Michael Hagele has experience in drafting, negotiating and closing technology, and licensing distribution and development agreements in the domestic, software, telecommunication, hardware fields and international internet. He also has experience in commercial agreements because they are related to technology companies. Follow Michael Hagele on Instagram

He worked as a general counsel for various venture capital –backed internet companies. This was before his current practice. He starts his day by handling technology clients this involves legal counselling of clients on intellectual property, drafting, reviewing contracts and technology licensing agreements. In the afternoon he rides his mountain bike and he discovered that is when he is most creative. He comes up with new approaches when he is riding his mountain bike.

In the evening he will handle client issues that have come during the day and solving ongoing matters. He also calls his overseas partners in the evening checking on progress and strategy.

Michael Hagele believes never giving up is what brings his ideas to life. He also believes in putting his customers first makes him productive. This applies in both cases as an entrepreneur and as an attorney. As an attorney he has to think about putting his client’s interest first and making their life better. He uses social media as a tool for growing his business because it helps him connect with customers and talk about products and services he is offering.

Michael Hagele also believes that physical activity helps him recharge and sharpen his mind. He does this by spending time on mountain and road bikes this stimulates his creativity and energy to be a successful entrepreneur. Visit: https://angel.co/michael-hagele


Karl Heideck – Successful Attorney From Greater Philadelphia

Karl Heideck is one of the most respected and successful lawyers based in Greater Philadelphia. With the experience of over seven years as an attorney, Karl Heideck has fought some of the most challenging cases in the state with a very impressive track record of successes.

Karl Heideck did graduation from Swarthmore College in Arts and went on to study law at the Temple University, where he completed his studies in law in the year 2006. Karl Heideck understands that the aspiring law students are always struggling with the many questions on what they should do as students that could help them in the future, how they should make their educational background rock solid, and more.

To help these aspiring law students, Karl Heideck is often seen sharing his knowledge and experience through the blogs he publishes online from time to time. In one of the recent blogs, Karl Heideck shared few tips that are very helpful for the aspiring law students. He says that it is essential for the law students to focus on their studies and ensure they are disciplined, organized, and dedicated. Karl stated in the blog that getting good grades is very important as that is what would help the law students to land an internship with a highly respected lawyer or a law firm, which can kick start the career in law in the right direction. Karl Heideck says that the law students must also be careful about which law subject they want to major in because it must be the field they are passionate about.

Karl Heideck says don’t choose finance or corporate law as major if your heart wants to take up criminal law as your major. Make sure that you specialize in the subject you are passionate about. It is what would ensure success in the long-term as in the otherwise case; you would be de-motivated after a while and lose interest. Karl Heideck also talks about making good connections in the field of law from the time you are a student. He says that good network in the area of law can be beneficial in streamlining many of the lawsuits’ documentations, getting merit based information, and taking care of different legal tasks.

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