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Obesity is becoming a major issue in America. Many people do not, however, seem to take it seriously and continue to eat junk food every day. The next time you drive into a fast-food outlet please consider some of the following factors.
• Over 34% of Americans suffer from Obesity and 34% are reported to be overweight.
• More than 17% of American children also suffer from obesity and this figure has increased three-fold for in the last three generations.
• More than 8 million people suffer from diabetes and yet they don’t know it. Besides, statistics also indicate that 10% of all Americans have diabetes.
It is evident that some of the major contributors to America’s health crisis are as a result of lack of eating junk food and lack of exercise. Nonetheless, Architects are closely working with medical practitioners to try and find a solution. The Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy has been on the forefront to integrate architecture and health in order to help come up with solutions to some of the problems facing the society.
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For instance, how can chronic diseases be tamed from an architectural point of view? One of the best ways of solving such a problem is through design. Architects play a big role in design and planning of our buildings and recreational facilities. Consequently, they can team up with the national health sector and come up with ways that can help reduce obesity. For example, architects can design houses or buildings which encourage exercise. They can make using staircases more attractive than using lifts.
Architect students are currently interested in courses which will teach them to design buildings which improve public health. The good news is that there are already institutions which are ready to offer such courses. For instance, the College of architecture at Texas Tech University this fall plans to roll out a new Master of Science course in architecture majoring in Design and Health. This is just one of the Universities that have taken up the initiative to use architecture to improve public health.
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857 with the aim of assisting architects around the country. It has its headquarters in Washington, DC and Robert Ivy is the current CEO of the institution. Robert Ivy went to for his masters of Arts degree in architecture from Tulane University. He also attended the University of South where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
The American Institute of Architects currently has over 80,000 registered members. The institution is responsible for licensing all qualified architects around the country. Apart from its headquarters in Washington DC, there are 300 other chapters nationwide.

American Institute of Architects To Make Designs Promoting public Wellbeing

American Institute of Architects, AIA, is a professional architects’ organization in the United States. In a recent interview with SmartPlanet, the CEO, Robert Ivy is explaining more about their services as architecture professionals. The discussed is engineered on the relationship between architecture and public health.

Robert says that architectural designs have a very vital part to play in improving public health. Relating this to the history of Central Park, the recreational space in New York, the whole idea was to bring a normalcy in the city by bringing to an end the existence of substandard housing and improve public health. Though years back, buildings were just objects, in the current era and architect generation, the health factor is an essential part of as much as diverse populations are considered. Follow Robert Ivy on facebook for more updates.

Architecture has a way of increasing/ decreasing the rate of non-communicable diseases like heart diseases and diabetes in a community. Houses and cities can be designed in ways that encourage exercise, like climbing up stairs, while access to fresh air, sunlight and clean water is part of the design plan.

American Institute of Architects is also very keen on material selection as this is also another thing that can affect public health. Materials that put the public health at no risk or even enhance life are much regarded. Today, they do not only think of the public welfare but rather their well-being, where the wholesome aspect of human potential is put into consideration from physical, psychological to spiritual. Thus designs can powerfully promote the health, well-being, safety, and potential.

While competition and comparative discrimination are part of architects professional life, hackathon seems to fit in as much. Hackathon, being a more contemporary and technological phenomenon, seems to be a great way that will bring public involvement into the architectural world, for example when AIA incorporate ideas of the existing successful health apps in their designs.

As much as the plans, goals and vision for their success are defined, AIA also consider collaborations very vital in their progress. According to Robert Ivy, time seems to has run out for professionals to stay locked with their gifts and diverse talents, and teaming up with smart people is the in thing. Being able to manage a huge team of diversely skilled minds is what has and still is defining most successful architects.

With the need to make the people’s well-being, paramount, time to gain evidence, and critical effort have to chip in. View:

More About AIA

AIA was founded in 1857 by prominent architects of the time. By then it went by the name New York Society of Architects. The main goal is to promote practical perfection, professional growth and scientific perfection for its members.

The company is under the leadership of Carl Elefante, the president, William Bates, vice president and Robert Ivy the CEO among others. It has a membership of more than 90,000 architects and related professionals licensed there.


The American Institute of Architects and Hard-Working Members

The AIA is an abbreviation for American Institute of Architects. It’s a massive organization that essentially represents the architectural profession as a whole. The number one aim of the group is to help all of its members advance and do well in the architectural field and beyond. The American Institute of Architects has been a tradition in the architectural universe for roughly 160 years at this point. It’s a group that’s always trying to enhance the lifestyles of its members. It’s one that’s perpetually trying to increase safety and wellness for the people who make up the general public, too. The professional society was established back in 1857 by a group that was made up of a total of 13 diligent architects. It’s grown substantially since that time as well. It has more than 90,000 active members right now. Although the American Institute of Architects’ primary location is in Washington, D.C., it operates more than 260 distinctive sectors in areas all over the planet. Read more about on AIA at

This is a group that has a deep appreciation for strong values. It speaks up on behalf of architects everywhere. It provides architects with all sorts of tools that can make accomplishing their projects markedly easier and more practical. The American Institute of Architects is an organization that prompts good adjustments. It’s one that believes in the strength of design as well. Some of the things that push the group forward on a frequent basis are sustainability, infrastructure, immigration, climate change, inclusion, diversity and, last but certainly not least, equality. The members of the American Institute of Architects have a commitment to full equality that’s matchless in intensity. Follow AIANational on Twitter.

Standards are a big part of what makes the American Institute of Architects tick all of the time, too. The group’s standards are diverse and in-depth. It has a code of ethics that basically functions as its heart. It has bylaws. It has attribution of credit matters that make up a significant part of its operations as well. People who are part of the group even know a lot about antitrust compliance issues. This is a group that understands exactly what integrity is. It’s a group that’s enthusiastic about honesty, sincerity and dedication.

Robert Ivy is the person who runs the show at the American Institute of Architects. He’s the organization’s efficient, motivated and adept CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He has a strong relationship with the group’s President as well. Its president is an individual by the name of Thomas Vonier. Ivy is someone who has a lot of interest in the evolution of architecture. He studied at Sewanee: The University of the South and also at Tulane University. His architectural understanding is something that he hones all of the time.

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