Meet Todd Levine: A Litigator with Music and Drawing Talent

Renowned litigator Todd Levine’s professional background is nothing short of remarkable. In fact, like all other successful figures in his line of work, he has the necessary legal education and years of practice, which help him in navigating his client’s cases. Apart from his commitment to his job, Levine also has mentors who supported and guided him when starting his career.


Workplace and Career Highlights


Todd Levine serves as a partner and founding member of Miami-based Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. Founded back in 2009, the law firm boasts an office in Minneapolis and Boca Raton. Levine’s career has seen him take up various cases including the successful representations of Edie Laquer, a prominent commercial real estate broker, and Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player.


In 2016, he was among the litigation experts on the Kluger Kaplan team that represented Orlando Lopez, the mayor of Sweetwater. For Levine, Kluger Kaplan’s success is owed to its supportive environment and the close-knit group of the firm ’s founders.


Hobbies and Interests


Outside litigation work, Levine prides himself on being an ardent musician. He has played guitar ever since he was nearly ten years of age. Aside from that Levine boasts other skills including drawing, playing some keyboards and a bass guitar. He also has a liking for science and math.


More about Todd


Todd Levine is a prominent figure in the commercial litigation circles. He is also an accomplished alumnus of the University of Florida, B.S.B.A., where he attained his finance degree with high honors in 1988. Levine later achieved a J.D. with honors in 1991 from the University of Florida Levin College Of Law. In his line of work, mainly commercial real estate litigation, he represents various clients such as contractors, lending institutions, investors, real estate brokers, property managers, and buyers and sellers. What’s more, Levine is a member of several bodies including the Dade County Bar Association, the America Inns of Court and the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

Larkin and Lacey arrest by Joe Arpaio and their subsequent release

Throughout the history of the United States of America, there has been contrivances over various presidential pardons. The most recent one is the release of Joe Arpaio the former Sheriff in the Maricopa County. Apart from being the toughest sheriff in the United States of America, Joe is also known for various heinous acts which include the unrightfully imprisonment of Michael Lacy and James Larkin.

A decade ago, under the instructions of Joe Arpaio, the Selective Enforcement Unit of the county of Maricopa knocked on the doors of Jim Larkin and his fellow village voice owner Michael Lacey. The two were charged with the disclosure of details concerning a grand-jury investigation and were both imprisoned. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They had been largely involved with the Village Voice News Paper, where Jim Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer and Michael lacey the executive editor respectively. Prior to their arrest, they had earlier published in the media’s publication about the grand-jury investigation. What the two were not aware of is that they were being investigated by the grand jury.

What agitated Joe Arpaio to arrest the two was because they were covering his aggressive ways in which he enforced laws, since he took over the position of a Sheriff back in the year 1992. Various publications had been bringing up the Sheriff’s orders against inmates especially those brought in as immigrants, and women. Holding such a position, it is obvious he knew what wasn’t legally admissible and what was. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

He was also advised on the same issue by judges, taking an instance where Murray Snow told Arpaio that imprisoning an immigrant especially due to suspicion is lame ground for doing so. This is basically because there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the particular detainee had or did not have proper status, hence making it unconstitutional to detain the person.

The issues in the above paragraph were being addressed indoors but later on resurfaced after a lawsuit was filed against the Sheriff. This resulted to Joe Arpaio being charged with the violation of human rights especially against immigrants as the file brought out the problems that the inmates underwent through in the Tent City.

Joe was defiant to the charges and continued with the job in the same manner until the outcry of those who opposed him reached the reporters. This prompted Lacey and Larkin to expose the Sheriff to the American Public thus resulting to their arrest. They then made reports on in the Phoenix New Times, though at that time, most of the newspapers didn’t cover Joe at all.

However, with time it became something that couldn’t continue to be ignored and more newspapers started publishing articles sourcing information from Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin original work. The issue was then spoken out loudly in the entire nation.

After 24 days of imprisonment, Larkin and Lacey were released and later on filed a suit against Joe Arpaio, this time exposing more about the Sheriff’s involvement in corruption and other unconstitutional malpractices. After the settlement of the suit, Joe was disadvantaged since he lost the elections making him not to serve for the seventh term as the county sheriff.

ClassDojo Adding In New Games

ClassDojo is the communication app that is changing the school industry. Today, thousands of students are experiencing better classroom connectivity because of the way this app is bringing people and everyone together in one system. ClassDojo allows for teachers to place the accomplishments of every child on their profile, and then parents can get a glimpse through video or photos of what their child has done. It’s honestly one of the best ways for teachers to communicate with their students. ClassDojo recently has added in some new features to make the app even more fun for teachers and students.

With all the current features that make up this app already, they wanted to add in something different to provide a new experience. Their “conundrums” are going to be fun for all students to play around with. A conundrum is a storyline with a question at the end. The goal is for the students to come up with answer. The fun part is that there is no specific correct answer, and this is what makes it so much fun and interesting. Conundrums are great to play and mess around with for two reasons: they develop critical thinking skills and improve thought processes at a young age. Anybody who plays will ahem their mind thinking outside of the box.

ClassDojo wanted to add a new feature that is more than just a game to play but one that gets the brain going. Even the teachers will find themselves thinking about the answers. They’re proactive and great for improving critical thinking because there is no set rule or answer; therefore, you can come up with your own logical answer inspiring both creativity and a deeper thought process.

ClassDojo is the app to use if you are a teacher looking forward to better equipping your students and their parents of rate new school year. You want your class to thrive and grow, and the best way to do that is to utilize the right app that helps you stay organized and better come together. There is no doubt they are going to continue improving what ClassDojo offers.

David McDonald Role in OSI Group Achievements

David McDonald is a respected name, especially in matters concerning food production. McDonald is now the president of a leading food production company that is called OSI Food Solutions. McDonald is believed to have been born and at the same time raised in a small village found in Iowa. Just like all the young men living in the area, David was eager to start his career and venture into something that he was passionate about. The businessman left college, armed with a degree in animal science, and this was the start of a great and very successful career. McDonald got the position of chairman in a company called North American Meat Institute, and this prepared him for a great task at the prestigious OSI Group. When he joined the food company many years ago, David McDonald got the position of company project manager.

Although David joined OSI Group just like any project manager, he knew what he wanted. The dedicated businessman worked all the way to the top, and he is now holding the position of company president. Leadership comes with so many hardships, especially when it has expanded to the global market. David McDonald has done his best to serve his customers and this why he has maintained his position in the company for so long. David has changed the company in a positive way, initiating the purchase of several food plants and companies so that the company remains profitable.

When David McDonald announced that his company was going to purchase Baho Foods, people knew that this was a good decision. Baho Foods is a very respectable Dutch food company that is always famous because of the great services to the customers. David McDonald felt that purchasing the Dutch company would help to increase the popularity of OSI Group, especially in the European region. The businessman was very right. Several months down the line, the company is making a lot of progress, and all customers are happy because they are getting value for their money. Baho Foods has made the international food processing firm to acquire new customers in all parts of Europe.

In a recent interview, David says that he was motivated to venture into OSI Group after studying animal science. OSI Group’s Spain Plant Doubles Chicken Output with Recent Expansion.The businessman has used the skills he received when he was at the university to make sure that the quality meat the customers are getting is from the best animals in the world.

Paul Mampilly Reveals Why He Bought Bitcoins Despite His Pessimistic Attitude Towards Crypto

Paul Mampilly, an investment guru, recently did something no one ever thought he would ever do. Paul who is known for his cynical view towards the other cryptocurrencies posted a link on his twitter page announcing that he finally bought bitcoin as his first crypto.

He, however, went on to add that despite purchasing bitcoin, there is still no change of heart, and his pessimistic attitude towards crypto still stands. He revealed that the only reason he bought the crypto is thanks to the value of the underlying technological benefits that it holds such as easing transactions. He further added that the only way he could manage to understand these benefits is if he purchased and tried it himself.

In a video, Paul explains his bitcoin buying experience from the moment he moved his fiat currency into the bitcoin buying app, to the moment he finally completed the purchase. Paul cites that what he finds the most exciting about the entire process is how fast it was and additionally, the fact that his transaction, regardless of how minor it was, was recorded into a blockchain.

At the end of the video, Paul Mampilly said that he is now bullish towards blockchain but bearish towards cryptocurrencies. He also revealed that he has released a report talking about blockchain which his subscribers can enjoy reading about in the next Profits Unlimited Newsletter.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is a man whose work continues to shake the finance industry with each wake. Paul, an MBA holder from Fordham University alumnus, has had the privilege to work both in Wall Street and Main Street, a factor that significantly contributes to his extensive knowledge in matters related to finance.

Paul began his career at Bankers Trust where he was working as an assistant portfolio, before moving to other prominent legal firms in the same industry such as ING. He, however, came into the limelight after successfully growing Kinetics asset management hedge fund to $25 billion, a factor that saw the firm being named as the World’s best hedge fund. Besides Kinetics, Paul Mampilly is also a winner of the Templeton Foundation award. Despite his success in Wall Street, Paul gave up the arena for Main Street after realizing that his tireless efforts only made the rich richer. He set out to main Street where he currently helps average investors get a taste of success through the advice that he offers on his Profits Unlimited newsletters.

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Robert Ivy Becomes Latest Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy of the American Institute of Architects has been honored as the latest winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Ivy will be adding yet another top award to his already impressive list of accomplishments. By winning this major award, Robert will become part of a list of individuals who have made significant contributions to the performing arts as well as the creative occupations. Along with being honored for making significant contributions to the creative fields, Robert will also join other prominent individuals such as actor Morgan Freeman and other artists and writers who have won this highly regarded award. In June of 2018, Robert Ivy officially received the award in a ceremony. More about of Robert Ivy at Huffpost

Once he was named the winner of the Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy received a lot of praise from those who he has worked with during his career. One of the colleagues that he has worked with has said that Robert’s latest achievement has allowed him to represent the architecture field as a leading expert. This colleague also said that Robert winning this award has allowed him to prove his expertise in writing, editing, managing and in practicing architecture. Another one of the main colleagues close to Ivy has revealed that winning this award has allowed Robert to become yet another Mississippi native to reach very high levels of achievement by winning this recent award.

Over the course of his career, Robert Ivy has been able to set establish himself as a leading figure in the architecture industry. When he first began his career, he worked as a writer. During his stint as a writer, Robert spent a number of years writing articles about various topics in architecture. This allowed him to reveal the latest developments in the field in major publications. H would then move on to become an editor where he would evaluate articles and then publish them for his publication. While he was an editor, Robert served as an editor in chief and won a major award. Eventually, Robert would pursue other opportunities in the field by becoming the newest member of the American Institute of Architects. Read more: 


Dr. Mark McKenna On Building His Businesses And Setting Goals

The medical aesthetic industry is more accessible than it has been ever. Anything you desire is at your fingertips, just a phone call away. Entrepreneur, doctor, and philanthropist Dr. Mark McKenna has created a company called OVME that offers such services to people in the Atlanta, Georgia area. OVME is a full service medical aesthetic company that offers popular services such as botox, HCG, B-12, and so much more.

Dr. Mark McKenna got a jump start on his career by attending college. He went to Tulane University Medical School and got his medical degree from there. Fresh out of college, Mark got started by going into business with his father. Not only is Dr. Mark McKenna a doctor, but a real estate investor. He opened a boutique investment firm and real estate development company with his father called McKenna Venture Investments. Two other real estate companies were bought by the doctor, expanding on his entrepreneurial successes. Dr. McKenna has been really lucky to have always been his own boss. He has never worked for someone else. Though he never worked for a company, he wished that he would of found his passion earlier in life. He wished he would of slowed down and not rushed through things.

Dr. Mark McKenna uses certain techniques to actualize his dreams. He visualizes his dreams coming true and attributes this to his success. He also sets attainable goals. Making a workable plan with baby steps is how you achieve them. The successful entrepreneur likes to meditate to bring himself back into the moment. He tries to do it once a day. Dr. McKenna also reads quite a lot, whenever he can. He calls himself an avid reader. His favorite book is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He recommends that people read it. Dr. Mark McKenna lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but is from New Orleans. He had multiple businesses there until Hurricane Katrina destroyed them. Looking to help during a time of need, Mark helped rebuild the city with low to moderate income housing. Since moving to Atlanta, Mark has gotten married and they have a beautiful daughter. His businesses keep growing and expanding with time.

Infinity Group Australia is Helping Individuals to spend their Money Wisely

It is evident that different individuals in Australia and other parts of the world are struggling to meet their financial needs and they are not in a position to pay for their mortgages and other assets that they have acquired through loans. This means that they are struggling to live and educate their young children, despite other additional expenses for which one has to pay. The problem is expounded by the fact that there are no organizations to help the low-income members of the community to come from these financial challenges. The traditional banking and institutions and other credit organizations are not offering the services needed.


Infinity Group Australia is a firm that is looking forward to offering significant benefits to the members of the community so that they can manage their debts. The most basic method of ensuring that an individual has a better life is providing that they do not have obligations that interfere with their daily life activities. The role of infinity group is to help an individual to minimize their debts so that they can have enough money to spare and use for other financial needs that may arise both in short-term or in future. To help you manage your debts, Infinity Group Australia adopts two critical strategies.


The first strategy is making sure that all the money that you have is managed professionally. It is clear that the money that many people get as salaries is not well maintained. Infinity Group Australia reviews that you maintain your monthly income before deciding on what to do. This means they you have to get all the money and plan wisely before spending a single shilling. The company makes sure that individuals have weekly cash budgets so that one cannot use cash beyond what is expected. Learn more:


The second strategy that the organization helps individuals in the industry is by ensuring that all the components they purchase in their home has been planned and nothing is bought without careful considerations. Some of the issues to be considered before deciding how to use your monthly income is by preparing for weekly groceries, determining monthly expenses, understanding the exact amount to use on fuel, and making sure that you know what to use for entertainment purposes. This means that you will be able to understand the amount you have used in purchasing your monthly needs before applying the rest of the salary to pay for your debts.


Why Wes Edens is a Very Successful Money

Wes Edens has accomplished a lot in his career in the finance department. The businessman is known as one of the personalities that have played a leading role in the establishment of one of the largest investment companies in the international community, popularly known as Fortress Investment Group. Wes Roberts Eden was born and also raised in the United States. The New York based entrepreneur was a hard working young man since childhood, and he always wished to pursue a degree in finance when he attained the age to join college. His dream to pursue this career came into a reality when the businessman got an opportunity to join an institution called Oregon State University in the 80’s. Wes graduated in the year 1984 with his first degree in finance and business administration.

Getting the degree was the first step the businessman took to ensure that he had the necessary knowledge in finance. The corporate world was full of opportunities for individuals who were qualified, and this meant that the businessman did not have a rough time finding employment. Wes Edens worked for various organizations before he finally decided that he wanted to start an investment company that would meet all the needs of the customers. The businessman chose to partner with other business moguls in the country so that they could make their company successful. Wes Edens had been very dedicated to making sure that Fortress Investment Group is the leading investment firm in the international market.

Wes Edens has many titles under his belt. At the moment, the businessman appears on the billionaire list for being one of the wealthiest finance executives. Wes has made his wealth over the years because of his ability to make the right decisions in business. The market has never been a bed of roses, especially for individuals who are lazy. Wes knows that he has to work hard so that he can meet the demands of the customers who come from different countries. For the last two decades, Wes Edens has been the pillar that holds the finance company together, and he has brought the change the market has been wishing to have for many years.

How Entrepreneurship Made Guilherme Paulus One Of The Most Successful Brazilian Businessmen

Having worked in the tourism industry for the past five decades, Guilherme Paulus has more than experience to show for it. He has not only influenced the course of the Brazilian Tour industry with his CVC Company but has also impacted the hospitality industry. His success has also earned him recognition as one of the most influential business leaders in the country.

Over the years, numerous entrepreneurs have sat at his feet and drank from his wealth of experience. His entrepreneurial skills and dedication to mentoring others earned him the entrepreneur of the year award. But where did it all start? See Related articles at

Humble beginning

Growing up, Guilherme Paulus was interested in technology, but this would fade easily during his internship at IBM. This was quickly replaced by a passion for sales and marketing, and he eventually abandoned his internship for a sales position with a tour company. The move would turn out to be the most important decision of his life as it ultimately birthed CVC Tour and Travel Company and paved the way for his success.

Guilherme Paulus argues that he left employment armed with no more than a business plan, ideas on how to make tours more interesting and a few connections. He also confesses that the idea of starting his own company was a challenge from a regular client that he had booked with his previous employer. He would, however, take up the challenge and weave the plan, ideas, and connections together to start the most successful tour company in South America.

Factors influencing his success

According to Guilherme Paulus, such personal attributes as innovativeness, excellent customer relations, and relentless in pursuing a goal played a crucial role in his success. He not only booked his clients more adventurous tours but also tried to make every aspect of the trip as enjoyable as possible through unending fun-filled activities.

Additionally, at a time when every tour company was rushing to book the next flight, his company introduced the art of cruise ships to the industry. His latest innovative move involves setting up a chain of Luxury hotels around Brazil to accommodate the tourists flocking the country through his company. More about of Guilherme Paulus:


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