Bernardo Chua, CEO Of OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is the Company Executive Officer of OrganoGold. Organo Gold is company that specializes in coffee and tea blends using a unique ingredient. The ingredient used in their blends is called Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a species of mushroom. These types of mushrooms are known for their healing properties and their ability to promote a healthy body. As a result of their healing and health benefits, they are used in the blends offered by OrganoGold.

Bernardo Chua instated the company and is the CEO. He has had ample experience in marketing over the course of his career. He has been involved with the industry of retail and marking. Prior to creating his own company, he was an executive for Gano Excel. He assisted Gano Excel in expanding their efforts throughout China and Canada. Following these experiences, he decided to move to the United States and reside in California. As a result of his background in retail and marketing, he was able to establish his own company with his background knowledge in the industry. OrganoGold also sells their products wholesale to consumers in order to control distribution efforts. Check out Bernardo Chua at TheStreet.

OrganoGold was initiated in 2008. Their global company name is Organo. They offer their products across the globe in many different countries and cities. Their efforts have expanded internationally as well as domestically. Organo offers many types of products such as personal care and herbs. They are best known for their tea blends and coffee blends. The company has a global initiative. They aim to involve young adults and entrepreneurs who want to manage themselves and their business. They are currently involved and operate within 45 countries. This mushroom is considered to be an ancient Chinese fungus. They believe this factor is unique in distinguishing them from their competition in this unique market.

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