OG Juan: A Loyal Friend

There is an article talking about the exciting release of recent albums from Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The article is entitled “Everything Is Love: A Shout Out to Roc Nation Husband & Wife OG Juan and Desiree Perez”. This article highlights one of the friendships that have been most important to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, that of the one they share with OG Juan and his wife Desiree Perez. For many people, they are aware of the friendship, but it goes much deeper. The couples have been friends for more than a decade. They have stood the test of time. In fact, Desiree Perez is a trusted advisor for Jay-Z when he is locked in negotiations.

OG Juan met Jay-Z many years ago in 1998 through a mutual friend Kareem “Biggs” Burke. They began working together on studios through that time. It was a situation where they found they got along quite well, and they wanted to continue their friendship and their business collaboration. OG Juan worked with Jay-Z to eventually become the president of Roc Nation. Roc Nation also became the home of Desiree Perez when she was appointed COO. The couple has always stood with the musical pair as a form of quiet strength.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have gone through quite a lot in recent years. They had a very well-publicized fight that was further discussed through the publication of the album “Lemonade”. During tough times, people often look for friends that promote the most amount of healing. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have taken the time to shout out to those friends that have really created that therapeutic environment where they can truly heal. The friendship between these couples are testaments to how important a friend can be during times like this. OG Juan and his wife have proven that through the toughest of times they can remain loyal friends. Click here

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