Meet Todd Levine: A Litigator with Music and Drawing Talent

Renowned litigator Todd Levine’s professional background is nothing short of remarkable. In fact, like all other successful figures in his line of work, he has the necessary legal education and years of practice, which help him in navigating his client’s cases. Apart from his commitment to his job, Levine also has mentors who supported and guided him when starting his career.


Workplace and Career Highlights


Todd Levine serves as a partner and founding member of Miami-based Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. Founded back in 2009, the law firm boasts an office in Minneapolis and Boca Raton. Levine’s career has seen him take up various cases including the successful representations of Edie Laquer, a prominent commercial real estate broker, and Alex Rodriguez, a professional baseball player.


In 2016, he was among the litigation experts on the Kluger Kaplan team that represented Orlando Lopez, the mayor of Sweetwater. For Levine, Kluger Kaplan’s success is owed to its supportive environment and the close-knit group of the firm ’s founders.


Hobbies and Interests


Outside litigation work, Levine prides himself on being an ardent musician. He has played guitar ever since he was nearly ten years of age. Aside from that Levine boasts other skills including drawing, playing some keyboards and a bass guitar. He also has a liking for science and math.


More about Todd


Todd Levine is a prominent figure in the commercial litigation circles. He is also an accomplished alumnus of the University of Florida, B.S.B.A., where he attained his finance degree with high honors in 1988. Levine later achieved a J.D. with honors in 1991 from the University of Florida Levin College Of Law. In his line of work, mainly commercial real estate litigation, he represents various clients such as contractors, lending institutions, investors, real estate brokers, property managers, and buyers and sellers. What’s more, Levine is a member of several bodies including the Dade County Bar Association, the America Inns of Court and the Florida Bar Grievance Committee.

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