Larkin and Lacey arrest by Joe Arpaio and their subsequent release

Throughout the history of the United States of America, there has been contrivances over various presidential pardons. The most recent one is the release of Joe Arpaio the former Sheriff in the Maricopa County. Apart from being the toughest sheriff in the United States of America, Joe is also known for various heinous acts which include the unrightfully imprisonment of Michael Lacy and James Larkin.

A decade ago, under the instructions of Joe Arpaio, the Selective Enforcement Unit of the county of Maricopa knocked on the doors of Jim Larkin and his fellow village voice owner Michael Lacey. The two were charged with the disclosure of details concerning a grand-jury investigation and were both imprisoned. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

They had been largely involved with the Village Voice News Paper, where Jim Larkin was the Chief Executive Officer and Michael lacey the executive editor respectively. Prior to their arrest, they had earlier published in the media’s publication about the grand-jury investigation. What the two were not aware of is that they were being investigated by the grand jury.

What agitated Joe Arpaio to arrest the two was because they were covering his aggressive ways in which he enforced laws, since he took over the position of a Sheriff back in the year 1992. Various publications had been bringing up the Sheriff’s orders against inmates especially those brought in as immigrants, and women. Holding such a position, it is obvious he knew what wasn’t legally admissible and what was. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

He was also advised on the same issue by judges, taking an instance where Murray Snow told Arpaio that imprisoning an immigrant especially due to suspicion is lame ground for doing so. This is basically because there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the particular detainee had or did not have proper status, hence making it unconstitutional to detain the person.

The issues in the above paragraph were being addressed indoors but later on resurfaced after a lawsuit was filed against the Sheriff. This resulted to Joe Arpaio being charged with the violation of human rights especially against immigrants as the file brought out the problems that the inmates underwent through in the Tent City.

Joe was defiant to the charges and continued with the job in the same manner until the outcry of those who opposed him reached the reporters. This prompted Lacey and Larkin to expose the Sheriff to the American Public thus resulting to their arrest. They then made reports on in the Phoenix New Times, though at that time, most of the newspapers didn’t cover Joe at all.

However, with time it became something that couldn’t continue to be ignored and more newspapers started publishing articles sourcing information from Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin original work. The issue was then spoken out loudly in the entire nation.

After 24 days of imprisonment, Larkin and Lacey were released and later on filed a suit against Joe Arpaio, this time exposing more about the Sheriff’s involvement in corruption and other unconstitutional malpractices. After the settlement of the suit, Joe was disadvantaged since he lost the elections making him not to serve for the seventh term as the county sheriff.

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