ClassDojo Adding In New Games

ClassDojo is the communication app that is changing the school industry. Today, thousands of students are experiencing better classroom connectivity because of the way this app is bringing people and everyone together in one system. ClassDojo allows for teachers to place the accomplishments of every child on their profile, and then parents can get a glimpse through video or photos of what their child has done. It’s honestly one of the best ways for teachers to communicate with their students. ClassDojo recently has added in some new features to make the app even more fun for teachers and students.

With all the current features that make up this app already, they wanted to add in something different to provide a new experience. Their “conundrums” are going to be fun for all students to play around with. A conundrum is a storyline with a question at the end. The goal is for the students to come up with answer. The fun part is that there is no specific correct answer, and this is what makes it so much fun and interesting. Conundrums are great to play and mess around with for two reasons: they develop critical thinking skills and improve thought processes at a young age. Anybody who plays will ahem their mind thinking outside of the box.

ClassDojo wanted to add a new feature that is more than just a game to play but one that gets the brain going. Even the teachers will find themselves thinking about the answers. They’re proactive and great for improving critical thinking because there is no set rule or answer; therefore, you can come up with your own logical answer inspiring both creativity and a deeper thought process.

ClassDojo is the app to use if you are a teacher looking forward to better equipping your students and their parents of rate new school year. You want your class to thrive and grow, and the best way to do that is to utilize the right app that helps you stay organized and better come together. There is no doubt they are going to continue improving what ClassDojo offers.

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