Paul Mampilly Reveals Why He Bought Bitcoins Despite His Pessimistic Attitude Towards Crypto

Paul Mampilly, an investment guru, recently did something no one ever thought he would ever do. Paul who is known for his cynical view towards the other cryptocurrencies posted a link on his twitter page announcing that he finally bought bitcoin as his first crypto.

He, however, went on to add that despite purchasing bitcoin, there is still no change of heart, and his pessimistic attitude towards crypto still stands. He revealed that the only reason he bought the crypto is thanks to the value of the underlying technological benefits that it holds such as easing transactions. He further added that the only way he could manage to understand these benefits is if he purchased and tried it himself.

In a video, Paul explains his bitcoin buying experience from the moment he moved his fiat currency into the bitcoin buying app, to the moment he finally completed the purchase. Paul cites that what he finds the most exciting about the entire process is how fast it was and additionally, the fact that his transaction, regardless of how minor it was, was recorded into a blockchain.

At the end of the video, Paul Mampilly said that he is now bullish towards blockchain but bearish towards cryptocurrencies. He also revealed that he has released a report talking about blockchain which his subscribers can enjoy reading about in the next Profits Unlimited Newsletter.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is a man whose work continues to shake the finance industry with each wake. Paul, an MBA holder from Fordham University alumnus, has had the privilege to work both in Wall Street and Main Street, a factor that significantly contributes to his extensive knowledge in matters related to finance.

Paul began his career at Bankers Trust where he was working as an assistant portfolio, before moving to other prominent legal firms in the same industry such as ING. He, however, came into the limelight after successfully growing Kinetics asset management hedge fund to $25 billion, a factor that saw the firm being named as the World’s best hedge fund. Besides Kinetics, Paul Mampilly is also a winner of the Templeton Foundation award. Despite his success in Wall Street, Paul gave up the arena for Main Street after realizing that his tireless efforts only made the rich richer. He set out to main Street where he currently helps average investors get a taste of success through the advice that he offers on his Profits Unlimited newsletters.

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