Enhanced Athlete in the Supplements and Bodybuilding Industry

Enhanced Athlete is an online store that sells supplements and other products for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the company has been around for several years, and it has recently taken an activist stand against an injustice that had been going on in its line of work.

Another business in the industry, Nutrition Distribution LLC, has been threatening the Enhanced Athlete with a lawsuit for having stolen their audience by producing false advertising pertaining to them. The Nutrition Dstribution LLC promised to drop charges if the Enhanced Athlete would pay them.Th catch here is that the Nutrition Distribution LLC has threatened about 70 other businesses in the same way. The company systematically files lawsuits against businesses and the tries to make them pay to have them not go through with the threat.

This practice has been going on for several years in the supplements industry. These types of coercion are called shakedown lawsuits. They constitute in align false claims, scoring smaller companies, and then proceeding to give them a choice to either pay or supposedly go out of business for good. Many smaller companies chose to pay as company owners are afraid that they might lose their livelihood.

The Enhanced Athlete has taken a strong stand against that an has been raising awareness of the issue. Most companies that have fallen prey to shakedown lawsuits have been keeping quiet about the fiasco from fear of losing the trust of their clients. The Enhanced Athlete had the charges dropped entirely after they confronted a judge about it and looked further into the accusations that the Nutrition Distribution LLC had claimed.

In 2017, the business spoke to a judge from the Eastern District of California and presented their evidence of the lies of the Nutrition Distribution LLC. after that, the court nulled the case. Not only did the Enhanced Athlete avoided a pointless ordeal, but the company also added a win for the entire industry against the problem that has been plaguing it for the past handful of years.

The Enhanced Athlete is one of the most active companies in its line of work. The company develops and sells supplements and other products as well. In addition to that, the company operates through a few sister-businesses such as the Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear. The former provides coaching and fitness services while the other sells fitness gear, mats, and so on.

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