How Fabletics Gained One Million Members

Fabletics has become a massive success by utilizing the reverse showroom model to meet customers where they are already looking to buy athletic wear – online. This is called the reverse showroom technique and Fabletics has set the bar high for building an incredibly personalized online experience for its customers.


Fabletics does this by using a fun and simple Lifestyle Quiz to engage website visitors from the moment they first visit the site. The Lifestyle Quiz is just a few questions that relate to where you work out, what types of workouts you enjoy, your taste in clothing and, of course, your sizing information. After you complete the Lifestyle Quiz you are treated to an online showroom experience that is built around your personal style and preferences. In this way, Fabletics is catering to its customers using the reverse showroom technique.


Most brands focus on the physical showroom. This related to a typical store where customers need to visit and try on the clothing. However, one in three consumers today actually checks the online price of an item, or a similar item, while they are in a store. Many consumers only go to stores to get a feel for a brand and try on clothes, while then going online to buy a similar item at a lower price point.


Fabletics was founded just a few short years ago and chose to use the reverse showroom technique to bridge the gap between the low price point customers were looking for and the fact that people rarely have time to actually go into a store. Fabletics prides itself on being extremely adept at knowing what its customer base wants in the digital age. Instead of having to shop items one at a time, Fabletics customers are treated to an entire outfit delivered to their door every month.


Fabletics has over one million members that all enjoy a monthly outfit delivered to them. The outfit is tailored to the responses they gave on the Lifestyle Quiz and are easily exchangeable if, for any reason, they aren’t found to be perfect.


When Kate Hudson founded Fabletics, she saw a vision of a new type of company. She didn’t want to have the company’s prime income come from retail locations, but wanted to push forward strongly into the digital age to meet potential customers’ demand. She stated that she would only be the face of a brand she truly believed in. She believes in Fabletics’ goal of making all women feel confident and stylish when they work out and providing athletic wear that allowed them to do so.

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