The American Institute of Architects and Hard-Working Members

The AIA is an abbreviation for American Institute of Architects. It’s a massive organization that essentially represents the architectural profession as a whole. The number one aim of the group is to help all of its members advance and do well in the architectural field and beyond. The American Institute of Architects has been a tradition in the architectural universe for roughly 160 years at this point. It’s a group that’s always trying to enhance the lifestyles of its members. It’s one that’s perpetually trying to increase safety and wellness for the people who make up the general public, too. The professional society was established back in 1857 by a group that was made up of a total of 13 diligent architects. It’s grown substantially since that time as well. It has more than 90,000 active members right now. Although the American Institute of Architects’ primary location is in Washington, D.C., it operates more than 260 distinctive sectors in areas all over the planet. Read more about on AIA at

This is a group that has a deep appreciation for strong values. It speaks up on behalf of architects everywhere. It provides architects with all sorts of tools that can make accomplishing their projects markedly easier and more practical. The American Institute of Architects is an organization that prompts good adjustments. It’s one that believes in the strength of design as well. Some of the things that push the group forward on a frequent basis are sustainability, infrastructure, immigration, climate change, inclusion, diversity and, last but certainly not least, equality. The members of the American Institute of Architects have a commitment to full equality that’s matchless in intensity. Follow AIANational on Twitter.

Standards are a big part of what makes the American Institute of Architects tick all of the time, too. The group’s standards are diverse and in-depth. It has a code of ethics that basically functions as its heart. It has bylaws. It has attribution of credit matters that make up a significant part of its operations as well. People who are part of the group even know a lot about antitrust compliance issues. This is a group that understands exactly what integrity is. It’s a group that’s enthusiastic about honesty, sincerity and dedication.

Robert Ivy is the person who runs the show at the American Institute of Architects. He’s the organization’s efficient, motivated and adept CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He has a strong relationship with the group’s President as well. Its president is an individual by the name of Thomas Vonier. Ivy is someone who has a lot of interest in the evolution of architecture. He studied at Sewanee: The University of the South and also at Tulane University. His architectural understanding is something that he hones all of the time.

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