Stream Energy Discusses Benefits of Unplugging to Save Money

The average household is home to many gadgets and appliances geared towards offering consumers convenience, security, and entertainment. However, the experts at Stream Energy point out that these devices can cause a serious drain on electricity and the consumer’s wallet as a result. By understanding the effects of an energy draining device, the individual can take steps towards saving money in the long run and becoming more conservative at home.

Devices that remain plugged in, such as a gaming console or a coffee maker, are constantly sapping electricity even went they are not used. Simply by unplugging these devices, the consumer will be able to save a few dollars annually. The amount of money saved does not seem like great savings immediately, but the long-term practice of conserving energy can undoubtedly benefit a consumer over the course of a year. View the Company reviews at

Bigger savings come from much more demanding devices. A digital video recorder, even when not used, is draining approximately $30 extra just by staying plugged in. The combination of all gadgets within an entertainment center adds up to over $100 annually if it remains tied to its electrical source. Stream Energy states that a savvy consumer may be able to save almost $200 each year by following an easy routine of disconnecting these phantom power drainers.

Based in the Dallas, Texas area, Stream Energy is a provider of different home services including electricity in certain markets, consumer wireless and household security. Products and services offered by Stream Energy are available throughout many different parts of the United States. A unique aspect about the company is that it includes a marketing branch known as Ignite that allows individuals to join on as associates and assist in distribution of information regarding the Stream Energy product line. Watch this video on

Stream Energy was originally founded in 2004 and began offering services as an electricity provider in the region of Texas during 2005. At the present time, the national reach of the company’s electrical services has expanded to different areas, starting with Pennsylvania in 2010 and most recently gaining a presence in Washington D.C. and New York. Stream Energy currently has over 200 employees on its team.

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