Make Your Dog Happy With Beneful Incredibites

If your smaller dog’s like mine, he looks forward to his mealtime. Max loves to eat. But I worry, is what I’m feeding him the best for him? He is a smaller dog, a Chinese Crested, so there aren’t many choices that I would consider for him to keep his skin and coat healthy.

I recently switched to Purina’s Beneful incredibites with real Beef adult dry dog food and Max went absolutely bonkers. Last night he did something new. He actually brought me his food bowl and barked as if I should feed him again. Imagine that!

I wondered what made Beneful incredibites with Beef so special to Max. It listed real farm raised beef as its number one ingredient. Max loves beef, as do most dogs, and its mini bite kibble is easy for him to chew. I want the best for Max, and I know he’s getting it with 27 grams of protein in every cup helping to maintain his strong little muscles and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. Beside Max loving it, I know it’s 100% balanced nutrition, so I feel good about filling his bowl with Beneful incredibites. Next I’m going to try incredibites chicken, then their incredibites wet dog food variety pack – real beef, chicken or salmon. Max is going to be soo spoiled.

Try giving some to your small dog, he’ll thank you for it. To watch video click here.

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