Catching Bad Guys with Securus Technologies and Other Bad Guys

My job as a fugitive hunter is getting these suspects off the streets and into the prison before they put other innocent lives in danger. When these suspects begin to enjoy their freedom, they will stop at nothing to hurt those who are going to risk their time out of jail. This is a troubling situation that plays out time and time again, but we have found a resource that makes use of other bad guys to help us bring those fugitives into custody.


Securus Technologies recently was in our local prison updating the entire inmate call monitoring system. Now even though the inmates know we listen to their calls, this technology gives us the chance to listen to all the calls and pick out certain conversations based on keywords. Securus Technologies is in over 2,500 jails and all 1,000 employees of the company say they are working towards the objective of making our world safe.


The suspect we were hunting had escaped the jail and was hiding deep within his network of friends who put him up in safe houses and away from the law. Each time we thought we had a lead, he would slip right through our net and be gone for weeks. It was time we went back to the jail to get the inmates to help in the search. The biggest concern that I had was that no one was willing to come forward with information about this suspect. He was literally jumping from safe house to safe house without a care in the world, and the residents of this community were terrified.


Now these inmates won’t talk directly to us, but they love to chat on those phones. It was only a matter of time before the Securus Technologies system picked up chatter from inmates talking about our suspect and giving us leads to safe houses we never knew about. There was one person in the jail we would have never even considered questioning, but apparently he had a real grudge with out suspect. He began going on a huge rant one night about how this suspect owed him money, and he was instructing his family to meet with him and collect what was owed. It was during these calls that the inmate mentioned a few places the suspect was conducting business that was not even on our radar.


It was days after these calls that we discovered our suspect hiding out and we got him back in jail without any resistance. Had it not been for the incredible Securus Technologies system, that conversation could have slipped through the cracks and we would still be in a position of hunting down this fugitive.


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