Catching Bad Guys with Securus Technologies and Other Bad Guys

My job as a fugitive hunter is getting these suspects off the streets and into the prison before they put other innocent lives in danger. When these suspects begin to enjoy their freedom, they will stop at nothing to hurt those who are going to risk their time out of jail. This is a troubling situation that plays out time and time again, but we have found a resource that makes use of other bad guys to help us bring those fugitives into custody.


Securus Technologies recently was in our local prison updating the entire inmate call monitoring system. Now even though the inmates know we listen to their calls, this technology gives us the chance to listen to all the calls and pick out certain conversations based on keywords. Securus Technologies is in over 2,500 jails and all 1,000 employees of the company say they are working towards the objective of making our world safe.


The suspect we were hunting had escaped the jail and was hiding deep within his network of friends who put him up in safe houses and away from the law. Each time we thought we had a lead, he would slip right through our net and be gone for weeks. It was time we went back to the jail to get the inmates to help in the search. The biggest concern that I had was that no one was willing to come forward with information about this suspect. He was literally jumping from safe house to safe house without a care in the world, and the residents of this community were terrified.


Now these inmates won’t talk directly to us, but they love to chat on those phones. It was only a matter of time before the Securus Technologies system picked up chatter from inmates talking about our suspect and giving us leads to safe houses we never knew about. There was one person in the jail we would have never even considered questioning, but apparently he had a real grudge with out suspect. He began going on a huge rant one night about how this suspect owed him money, and he was instructing his family to meet with him and collect what was owed. It was during these calls that the inmate mentioned a few places the suspect was conducting business that was not even on our radar.


It was days after these calls that we discovered our suspect hiding out and we got him back in jail without any resistance. Had it not been for the incredible Securus Technologies system, that conversation could have slipped through the cracks and we would still be in a position of hunting down this fugitive.


Bob Reina Loves A Challenge

Bob Reina is a man that has not and never will back down from a challenge. If he sees a chance to improve something, make it work in a more efficient manner, or challenge himself and his co-workers, he is going to jump at that. He has talked very openly about looking for the next big thing when it comes to tech. He is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, which has been around since 2007. In the decade they have been around, they have clearly made their mark on the world, which is something that means a lot to Bob Reina. Ever since they started, he wanted to do something that was going to really make a difference. Read more:

That is why he talks about looking for the next big thing. He knows the key for any company is the ability to keep challenging themselves and keep being on the lookout for what is out there and what exists. If they simply think they have it figured out and have all of the answers, they are dead wrong. There is always room for growth and room for improvement. That is not to say there is anything wrong with the product exactly, but it means that the truly great companies are ahead of the game instead of playing from behind.

Bob Reina was ahead of the game when he started Talk Fusion. He saw the way the world was going, and he knew it was up to him to do something about it. He was not just going to sit by and let it happen to people out there. He wanted to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. Now, Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. In addition to that, they are a company that is winning awards for their top-notch work in voice, data, and chat.Learn more :

People are incredibly excited to see what 2017 brings for Talk Fusion. Bob Reina has talked about the best is yet to come and people would be wise to listen to him on that.

JustFab Achieves Success Under The Leadership Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler has plans for renewing his commitment to his brand. This is why the partnership between Fabletics and Kate Hudson is going to continue. He knows that 2017 is an important year for Fabletics. There are big plans for fashionable active-wear for the fitness enthusiasts of today.

Currently, Don Ressler is serving as the CEO of JustFab along with Fabletics. Under his leadership, both of these fashion brands have managed to reach the top of the league. Under his guidance, Fabletics has managed to grow its presence within the country. In order to achieve this, a number of brick and mortar stores have been opened all across the country. Presently they are 17 in number but Don Ressler plans to take this number to 50 or even 100. This is his method to ensure that each woman is able to get access to trendy clothes which she may like to wear at Besides, he believes that women should be able to get these clothes through their shipments in the mail if she wants it that way.

Don Ressler had started Fabletics as an online brand focused on leisure clothing. Now it has moved into the space of becoming a retail store brand. It is the vision of Kate Hudson that is working here. He wants to get this brand inside as many homes as possible. Hence women should be able to shop for this brand in their local shopping mall or over the cyber space.

Another distinct feature about JustFab is the fact that it is aimed at those women who simply have no time with them for shopping. They do not have to go to any store since they would have already subscribed to the catalog of JustFab on Brandettes. This is when Don Ressler along with his team sends them options. These are sent through the mail, and they would be based on the preferences that have been already set by the customer. In this manner, all women get something which they might not pick up otherwise. Don Ressler is trying to help women in doing their shopping. This works well for JustFab, and he is going to expand it further.