Julie Zuckerberg Representing the Face of Women in Bureaucracy

Julie Zuckerberg is one of the most multi-talented women in the world, who is mainly concerned with nurturing human talent. She is broadly skilled in talent acquisition, talent management, behavioral interviewing, executive search, team leadership, corporate recruiting as well as employee recruiting and hiring. The bottom-line of her practice is ‘connecting employees with highly skilled workforce and talent.’ But hers is not just recruiting and connecting employers with employees. Julie is highly experienced in coordinating workforce environment including solving workforce conflict as well as employee training and performance appraisal. She is highly trained in other bureaucratic practices such as human resource management, coaching, technical recruiting, conflict resolution, change management, executive staffing, succession management and applicant management. She draws from one simple background knowledge, ‘that the performance of an organization heavily relies on the output of the workforce. The wellbeing of the workers is thus paramount to the success of any entity however much the organization is endowed with plethora resources.’


Julie Zuckerberg is currently the executive talent acquisition lead of the Deutsche Bank. However, reaching such career achievements is not a lackluster endeavor. Hers is a long journey that started back in 2002 as a Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson firm. Her five-year stay at Hudson saw her become entrusted with executive duties such as recruiting attorneys, case managers and paralegals. She was also engaged in temporary and permanent staffing of law firms, financial organizations and corporations. Then a low-key figure in the industry just fresh from the university, she had enormous duty shelved on her shoulder. Her purpose did not end with recruitment and staffing; she doubled as a coordinating link between clients and employees. Some of the coordinating duties was to ensure employees’ wellbeing in the workplace, and ensuring that the organization complied with all the legal requirements. She ensured that the workplace problems are resolved amicably, informed employees on crucial market changes like promotion opportunities, benefits due to them, as well as palatable working environment they should demand for.


Julie joined Citi Global Functions in 2007 as the Executive Recruiter. At the Citi GF, she performed executive level recruitment for senior positions in legal, audit and compliance departments; she also counseled other hiring managers. Julie was later appointed the Executive Recruiter of the Citi Global Consumer Bank in 2011, a position she held for two years. At the bank, she acted as an advisor to senior business leaders on competitive market, talent, compensation and recruiting strategies. Between November 2013 and February 2014, she was the Corporate Vice President and Experienced Hiring Recruiting leader of the New York Life Insurance Company. It was then that she was appointed the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at the Deutsche Bank, where she advises the leadership and Executive Committees regarding hiring governance among other employee-related functions.


The philosophy graduate from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College also has a law degree from the New York Law School, the education background that has underlined her outstanding career. Her hobbies include running, arts, technology knowledge and photography.



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