José Borghii a Brazilian advertising genius.

Jose Borghi, is the advertising guru, who’s creative deeds are responsible for the creation of his business venture, Mullen Lowe. They are one of Brazil’s unequaled and greatly respected promotional video companies. Jose’s most celebrated and attractive promotional videos, is known as “Mammals Parmalat”. In this promotional video, that was shown all over the nation of Brazil, children are shown creatively dancing and singing to, popular Brazilian jingles. The attention-grabbing facet of this promotional video’s fame, is that the dancing children are in costumes, to help them appear, as if living, stuffed animals.

Jose’s triumph, in the promotional video industry, is unmatched. His creative interests formed, during his attendance at middle school. His sister, wanted Jose to go with her, to a theater, to benefit from a series of presentations, on promotional videos. The theater had a diversity of artistic promotional videos. Each of the promotional videos, were legendary, all across the nation of Brazil, for their unique staging. The promotional videos that were seen that day, earned a trophy for their creativity, from the well-regarded Cannes. Each creator, who was in charge of the promotional videos, was given a trophy.

Jose, is a graduate of PUC-Campinas, where he graduated with an Advertising degree. After this, his first job was working at the Standart Ogilvy. He then amplified his skills, by working for Leo Burnett. Jose, along with his close friend and company partner, Erh Ray, started a promotional video company, naming the company, BorghiErh.

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